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A Letter from
the NCVACC President

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The 2015 Annual NCVACC Educational Conference
October 26-30, 2015.

The University of Utah Guest House
Salt Lake City, Utah


​​The location for the Conference will be at The University of Utah Guest House and Conference Center. It is a wonderful and popular facility, located on the campus of the University of Utah in the beautiful historic district of Fort Douglas on the East Side of St. Lake Valley. The Hotel and Conference Center were the home for the 2002 Winter Olympic athletic village. Fort Douglas is a very scenic and peaceful area of the campus.

                                                                     December 1, 2014

Dear NCVACC Members and VA Catholic Chaplain Brothers!

I wish to extend a very warm greeting to all of you who minister to our veterans throughout the VA System. The National Conference of VA Catholic Chaplains (NCVACC) is a wonderful organization that provides fraternal collaboration with our Catholic Chaplains working in the VA Healthcare Systems throughout the country.

As a Professional Chaplain organization, we offer continuing education opportunity at our Annual Educational Conference as well an avenue for those interested in attaining status as Board Certified Chaplain (BCC); which can be reciprocated with several other Professional Chaplain organizations. We also act as an advocate and voice for all Catholic Chaplains working in the VA System, in order to strive for excellence of pastoral care in the VA overall. As you may well be aware, the VA is constantly in transition in order to best serve our veterans, and having your voice as Catholic Chaplains heard “at the table” is more important than ever. As Catholic Chaplains, we believe that we have unique tools and pastoral care approaches to offer the entire VA system.

As a member of the NCVACC you are supporting the organization in its efforts to bring experts in the field of Pastoral Care to present at our conferences, and engage in dialogue with the VA leadership and the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Military services. Also, as an organization with Board Certifying accreditation, your membership support sustains our status with the USCCB Accreditation body; as well as cognate professional chaplain organizations.

Included in this letter is the Annual Dues/Membership Application. Membership Dues are due by January 1, annually. Your membership is a means of recognizing your contribution to the status of professional clinical chaplaincy. If you hold BCC Status with NCVACC, Membership dues are necessary in order to maintain this.

Members are also entitled to discounts applied to the costs of the NCVACC Annual Education conference, if they are paid no later than February 1, 2015. This is especially helpful to those who, in these days of very tight budgets in our VA facilities, are shouldering the cost of attending the annual conference on their own.


Reverend Father Martin Smith-Soucier
​President NCVACC