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2020 Conference News

We are emailing you today with important news on the 20/20 Vision: The Future of Spiritual Care conference, hosted by the Partners for Excellence in Spiritual Care. We have officially canceled the 2020 conference due to the ongoing healthcare crisis and COVID-19.

The partners are deeply saddened by the need to cancel this conference, and we have done so only after consulting with our Boards, the host city, conference center and hotels. With the ongoing concerns about COVID-19 and the indefinite ban on gatherings in Ohio, along with the recommendation from the CDC to limit meetings to less than 50 people, it is impossible for us to continue to prepare for this conference. The fallout from not having a conference this year will impact each of us, as members and as individual organizations, but this decision is the best one we can make at this time.

If you registered for the conference, we ask that you please cancel your hotel rooms and flights if you have booked them (many airlines are offering accommodations to reschedule flights for other dates/locations). Refunds for paid registrations will start to be processed by the organizing partners over the next several weeks. We ask that you be patient with us as we work through the process of refunding registrations, sponsorships and vendors while also working remotely and as we work to address other pressing issues.

Blessings on your Lenten Journey,

David A. Lichter, Executive Director, NACC


Hello Brothers,

As the organizers have officially canceled the 2020 conference due to the ongoing healthcare crisis and COVID-19. Trying to plan for October 2020 in this situation of uncertainty would be futile. Therefore, the NCVACC BOARD should begin planning for a Conference in FY’21.

May I bring into your kind notice that for the planning purpose, October is just around the corner, the present healthcare problems still remains – in this situation, I have requested the AMS Archbishop to kindly grant permission to the NCVACC BOARD to think about FY ’21 rather having any NCVACC CONFERENCE in FY’20.

The Archbishop has consented positively and is agreed for the cancellation of NCVACC 2020 Conference. Hence, the FY’20 NCVACC stands cancelled. The AMS Archbishop has clearly mention in response to my email that the FY’21 NCVACC Conference will be held only for the NCVACC.

Thank you for your attention! Please be safe and be protected!

With best wishes and kindest regards,

Fr. Peter Francis


March 23, 2020