The National Conference of Veterans Affairs Catholic Chaplains


Annual Dues

Full-time: $ 150.00
Part-time:$ 75.00

(Includes Intermittent, Fee Basis, and Contract)

Registration Forms are available by contacting Fr. Joseph Westfall


A chaplain member shall be an ordained Priest of the Catholic Church, including Eastern Catholic Churches in union with Rome, who shall have been appointed by their ordinary or religious superior and endorsed by the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA for duty as a Chaplain for the Department of veterans Affairs; shall have paid the dues currently assessed on each member. An Honorary member shall be any person who has, by their word, deeds, and support, manifested a desire to further the mission of the work of the Veterans Affairs Catholic Chaplain; shall be nominated / elected by a majority of the board of directors; shall not be required to pay any dues.

Benefits of Membership:

A specialized focus on ministry to a culturally diverse population of veterans and their families and the medical community who serve their needs. Ministry that builds on our Christian Catholic Sacramental identity while respecting the identity of all others. A sharing in the continuity of pastoral care that the Archdiocese for the Military Services has for those transitioning from active-duty military to veteran status. Continuing education through an annual conference with focus on treating clinically the spiritual/pastoral needs of veterans and their families. A certification with standards and procedures approved by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops/Commission on Certification and Accreditation under the authority of the USCCB.

A forum to foster mutual support and spirit of collegiality.

"For those not holding BCC status"

"For those holding BCC- VA with NACC/ NCVACC"